Come Lunch With Me - Illustration
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Illustration for a collaborative cookbook that gave back to the local Ringsend community. 

This cookbook was designed at In The Company of Huskies and sold online to support the Fair Play Community Café in Ringsend, Dublin 4. The café is dedicated to providing healthy and affordable food for all of the local community. It regularly runs ongoing charitable initiatives to the benefit of the local community, and each Thursday they provide a 4 course meal for €5 for those living alone or struggling
to put dinner on the table. Read more about the project below.

Office life can often result in eating in front of computers away from colleagues. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reconnect with people. At In The Company of Huskies agency, the idea of ‘Come Lunch with Me’ was born.

Each Thursday, a different preassigned team would coordinate a spectacular banquet for their colleagues – starters, sides, mains and desserts. Deadlines were put on hold for on hold for an hour, to just hang out and break bread together.
These meals and dishes were photographed by Head of Design Chris Flynn and Ben McDonald. Soon after, the idea of creating a cookbook with everyone's favourite dishes was decided upon.

The book design was a collaborative process between members of the Huskies design team. 
The book was designed to have a simple earthy, feel. A series of minimal, uncomplicated line illustrations were drawn by Louise on paper in dipping pen and indian ink. These illustrations were integrated across pages of the book design highlighting key ingredients of the recipes across the pages. They also featured on the cover design and were turned into a wrapping paper designfor the gifting of the book to the agency's clients.
In The Company of Huskies
Designer: Ben McDonald
Illustrator: Louise Naughton
Photography: Chris Flynn
Project Manager: Kieran Farrell
Photography of the book: Julie McCoy

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