Datalex - Annual Report
Print design
Annual Report
Showcasing a new brand identity in print through the design of Datalex's Annual Report. 
Datalex develops personalised software that powers the back-end of airline booking websites across the world. They are a market leader providing a cutting-edge offering that helps airlines develop their retail offering based on their customer’s needs. 

After designing a new identity for Datalex, the next project required by the company was their annual report. This was the first time the new brand and visual identity would be translated into a major print publication for the company and it's shareholders. 
Reinforcing a new positioning 
The Datalex brand and it’s visual identity is built around the core proposition that Datalex provides an unrivalled insight into to the ever-changing needs of travellers and enables airlines to adapt faster and better in responding to customer needs in travel retail offerings.
Part of the Datalex graphic language is the viewfinder. This circular graphic device is used to focuse on the people who Datalex gathers data on, who are travelling by airline across the world.
The device is used throughout the annual report to reinforce the new brand message "Datalex, you get a better view of people from here" and to highlight key data within the annual report.
Presenting key data 
A variety of infographic and 
narrative approaches are used to communicate the key data findings in the Strategy Report section. 
The new brand colour palette of fresh teal, slate grey and Datalex orange are used.
Agency: In The Company of Huskies
Account Director: Nessa van Rooyen
Designer: Louise Naughton, Nicole McMahon
Copywriter: Robert McBride
Project Manager: Brian Daly
Photographed by: Julie McCoy
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