Garden Heaven - Illustration
Cover illustration

A teeming cover illustration of flora and fauna for Garden Heaven annual. 
Garden Heaven is an Irish annual filled with gorgeous gardens, ideas and planting inspiration. It is edited by Amanda Kavanagh and published by Image Publications.

This was a very special project as it was commissioned for based on Louise's personal hand rendered illustration style. The brief for the cover imagery was to create a bountiful illustration inspired by the articles inside the magazine.
The annual release date was in March. The proposed concept was a vibrantly coloured, energetic illustration inspired by the joy of leaving the winter months behind as we move into spring and summer. The bluetit represents the renewed and activity and new burst of life we see in Spring. 
A concept illustration was created loosely in watercolour, pencil and ink on paper for client review. Then a final illustration was developed, with greater detail adding depth. Then this completed illustration was laid onto a black ink background with cover layout completed by Image Group's design team.
Louise Naughton - Commission
Editor: Amanda Kavanagh
Illustrator: Louise Naughton
Photographed by: Louise Naughton
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