VHI - Happy Heart 
Motion Design
Motion Design
Health Insurance
A animation created for VHI celebrating the wonders of the heart.
Each year, Irish Heart Month is dedicated to educating the nation about heart health, and offers useful information around smart meal decisions, how to stay active and what warning signs to look out for. 
This animation was created with Daniel Flynn as Art Director,  to celebrate ‘your heart, the hero’, creating an animated content piece for Irish Health Insurer VHI. Daniel came up with a storyboard to that would tell to story of  how the amazing work this muscle consistently does. Did you know for example that during your lifetime, your heart will pump nearly 1.5 million barrels of blood around the body? Pretty impressive. Louise illustrated the storyboard and animated the work to create the video seen here which was then shared by VHI across their digital platforms. 
Agency: In The Company of Huskies
Account Manager: Grainne Kehoe
Art Director: Daniel Flynn
Motion & Illustration: Louise Naughton
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